The Memory Book by Lara Avery

4.0 Stars If you want to read a book that leaves you so sad that your mind cant even process it, this is the one. This book was amazing, not only because it made me feel something, but it enlightened me on a disease that is not normally well told. Sammie, a super relatable teenagerContinue reading “The Memory Book by Lara Avery”

A Dive Into Wonderland

Preface In “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, under the pseudonym of Lewis Carroll, portrays the story of a little girl named Alice with the imagination as big as the fantasy world which she enters when he released the children’s book on November 26, 1865. With impulsiveness and curiosity, Alice adventures down a rabbit hole “never once considering howContinue reading “A Dive Into Wonderland”

The Nightmare That Haunts

In both life and fantasy, change is recurrent. Change is the only constant that humans have been able to grasp. Chapter ten of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein is confronted by his monster in his dreams and in real life. In Percy Shelley’s “Mutability,¨ the persona conveys the underlying theme of change’s relationship with nature.Continue reading “The Nightmare That Haunts”

Angels and Demons Alike

In William Blake’s book cover of The Marriage of Heaven and Hell he takes on a controversial religious subject. With everyday objects such as birds, playful music, dancing, and buoyant care-free living he addresses the Heaven side of the artwork. Opposingly, he chooses to prophetically surround the objects with dead leaves, flames, and two genderlessContinue reading “Angels and Demons Alike”

A First Class Establishment: Lenoir-Rhyne University

As Lenoir-Rhyne University provides a bright ad, analyzers might question its strength. In the middle of the page, a group of country club-inspired students are pictured, possibly discussing social events or classes they share. The bright sun lightens the environment and also the mood of the viewer. With a convincing paragraph, the university describes theContinue reading “A First Class Establishment: Lenoir-Rhyne University”

Revisiting Childhood Through Elementary Rugs and Clubs

Beginning in Kindergarten, I can remember sitting on a mat that had the alphabet, letter by letter, with a word that you associate with the letter. We would often read as a class or have discussions on this mat. We would receive assignments to trace over the letter to learn how to write correctly. LookingContinue reading “Revisiting Childhood Through Elementary Rugs and Clubs”

Introduction- Why I Love My Sport

One thing that continues to keep me going, balanced, and energetic is my love for the sport of volleyball. I continue to fall in love with the sport every time I play. I love every point, every mistake, every win, and even every lose. I go through all of these events with my teammates whoContinue reading “Introduction- Why I Love My Sport”